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Genius is an infinte capacity for taking pains

The greatest human accomplishments were achieved by people who possessed a great capacity for taking pains. I immediately think of science.

A prime example of taking pains is the infinite patience of Tycho Brahe. Kepler based his astronomical measurements on the gravitation model of celestial bodies travelling in elliptical orbits on Tycho’s measurements.

Tycho was one of the last to work without the aid of the telescope. He used instruments, both material and methodological, to carry out a meticulous activity of observation and annotation. He developed astronomical theories that never proved to be of great importance or originality. But his great systematic work enabled astronomy to make enormous strides forward.

Where was the genius of Tycho Brahe? In understanding that his numbers on a piece of paper were the access to the real model of the universe he was fascinated by. He understood its value. He knew that in that operation there was the most important action for discovery: agnostic observation. He had the patience and the genius to devote his life to it.

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