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Italy “closes” many cities. Scenes of unjustified alarmism and people on run during the night.

The Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte signed at 3.30 am on 8 March the decree that in fact closes due to the health emergency caused by the coronavirus throughout Lombardy and 14 provinces of Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Piedmont, Marche.

It is important to underline that the decree does not sanction an absolute ban. The scaremongering is unjustified because it will be possible to move for work, emergencies and health reasons. But the police will be able to stop citizens and ask them why they are moving to the territories most at risk.

The lack of information has, in fact, caused scenes of panic at night, with people fleeing the affected areas before the decree came into force. This unjustly alarmed exodus has in fact created the opposite effect, with crowds of people increasing the risk of contagion and people spreading throughout the peninsula.

Lombardy is the most affected regio: of the 567 patients admitted to intensive care, 359 are hospitalized in the north of Italy. It is in fact possible that in the next few days patients in intensive care in Lombardy for reasons other than the coronavirus will be transported to other regions to manage overcrowding in hospital wards.

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