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The value of the safe outside

The hope is that we will come out renewed from this dark period. In a capitalist

society, always no-stop, we’re now forced on a break. Then take this break as an

opportunity to reflect on how we have been living until today! While discriminatory

politics take hold, we find out what it means to be discriminated on the basis of

faults we do not have. In a social system in which relationships are cultivated in the

fake space of the internet, we learn the value of being together, the value of an hug,

the value of meeting at a bar; [the value] of the safe outside. Just when we were

completely sure that caring about our own national interest was the solution, we

discover that thereare not good local reason, that we must think globally; that

personal well-being depends on common well-being. [We discorer that] There are

no privileged or less deserving people, but we are all the same.

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